Hudson Trading Group successfully implements procurement solutions for manufacturers and foodservice companies across the USA.

Our Safety Commitment

The safety and integrity of our ingredient portfolio is the nucleus of any offering.


We guarantee the botanical purity and integrity of all our spice offerings.


Botanical Purity

The Hudson spice portfolio is rigorously lab tested at origin and in the USA.


Rigorous Lab Testing

Our suppliers at origin and domestically undergo food safety audits from internationally recognized inspection firms.


Food Safety Audits

We offer bacteria treated and sterile products using Steam Treatment, Ethylene Oxide, Propylene Oxide and Irradiation.


Bacteria Treated Products

As an FDA-registered importer, we have first-hand knowledge of oversight in the ingredients arena.


FDA Registered

Featured Safety Partner: Certified Laboratories

For over 85 years, Certified Laboratories, Inc. has been providing full service quality laboratory testing services for the food industry. Certified Laboratories offers the most extensive range of services available to the agriculture, dairy, juice, meat, pharmaceutical, refrigerated, seafood and spice industries. (

The Hudson Advantage

We are a lean, knowledgeable and focused operation, providing both quality and economy throughout the US.


We import from the best producers of bulk ingredients worldwide, ensuring you both quality and economy.


Premium Products, Competitive Prices

Our efficient inventory turnaround ensures the supply chain the freshest material available from the most recent crop harvests.


Rapid Inventory Turn

Stored throughout the USA in foodsafe 3rd party logistics storage facilities near critical transport hubs in Los Angeles, Houston & New York.


Portside Ready Stocks

We offer spot and contract pricing for durations ranging from 3-12 months providing a stable cost structure for your application.


Spot & Contract Pricing

We can orchestrate deliveries using every available method, from sea, air, rail, truck, LTL, pallet, FedEx/DHL/UPS to local courier services.


Rapid Deliveries

You will work directly with staff and ownership in crafting the best solution for your application.


Well Crafted Solutions

At critical market price inflection points, our supply networks perform. This is reflected in our ZERO contract default rate with our US customers.


Zero Defaults, Ever

We extend straightforward credit terms after performing a thorough and expeditious credit analysis.


Credit & Finance

gwcFeatured Warehousing Partner: Glendale Warehouse

Glendale Warehouse is the industry’s gold standard for storage of spices and related products in a safe, pristine, well managed facility for the last 35 years. (

Global Supply & Processing

We do business where nearly every ingredient originates.


We source from a broad network of countries worldwide and our list is growing every year.


Internationally Procured

We regularly perform visits to plantations, terminals and factories to ensure our supply chain is filled with premium ingredients.


Staff Vetted Process

We have skin in each transaction as the title holder of the ingredients we sell, working tirelessly to maintain our good reputation by selling you premium products.


Promises Delivered

Our domestic manufacturing partners are the best of breed; they can sterilize, sift, screen, demetalize, size reduce and package for your application.


USA Processing Partners

sterisFeatured Process Partner: Steris Isomedix Services

STERIS Isomedix Services offers the most comprehensive array of processing options for the consumer products industry. STERIS’ services include dose and cycle parameter establishment, material properties evaluation, microbiological consultation, validation assistance, protocol development and regulatory assistance. (

Account Management

Hudson utilizes cutting edge technology to help you manage your account profile; and yes, we answer the phone too.


From the Hudson User Interface, you have the ability to manage your account information from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.


Hudson User Interface

The User Interface also carries the full range of Regulatory & QA Documentation you may need, from Spec Sheets to COAs and much more.


Document Management

During operating hours, we can address any of your needs as they may arise.


Live Assistance

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We have a 500 lb. net minimum order for most items (excluding specialty chillies & vanilla).

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