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Our Mission as Wholesale Bulk Spice Suppliers

As trusted bulk spice suppliers, HUDSON® remains steadfast in its commitment to provide safe, pure, ethically-sourced and superior quality bulk spices to America’s top food manufacturing and spice companies.

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A trusted spice supplier since 2007, HUDSON® has successfully delivered over 100 million pounds of bulk industrial spices and related products, safely, timely and competitively to distinguished manufacturing clients across USA, Canada & Mexico.

HUDSON®: Trusted Wholesale Bulk Spice Suppliers

HUDSON® is a well-established spice importer that specializes in source, process, import, supply chain and logistics of spices from global markets. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation as a reliable and trusted supplier of wholesale spices to the manufacturing trade.

HUDSON® differentiates itself by offering a wide selection of tested, pure, direct-sourced bulk spices at wholesale prices, facilitated from several regional distributions points across the US. We maintain a commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service that sets us apart from other bulk spice wholesalers in the market.

HUDSON® understands the importance of strong relationships with all its suppliers. We actively engage with suppliers often daily, conducting regular quality assessments in person and remotely, negotiating fair and honest pricing, and collaborating to meet the demands of our customers timely and effectively.

Yes, HUDSON® is not limited to serving only spice companies. We are a bulk ingredient supplier, capable of fulfilling orders for various businesses, whether in the food manufacturing, distribution, trade, brokerage, foodservice, feed, restaurant, storefront, nutraceutical space. Essentially, we serve any industry that would require wholesale spices in our product offerings or culinary operations.

HUDSON® places a strong emphasis on safety and quality when selecting spice suppliers. We look for suppliers with a track record of export success, adherence to GFSI food safety standards, sustainable sourcing practices, and the ability of foreign vendors to meet the volume and quality demands of our operational needs.

HUDSON® employs strict quality control measures to ensure the freshness and quality of our bulk spices. This includes rigorous testing, inspection, and adherence to industry standards throughout the supply chain, from sourcing to storage and distribution. Spices in general maintain a very long shelf life when stored in proper conditions; all our storage facilities undergo annual food safety audits and random inspection by our staff to verify the safe storage of food products.  

HUDSON® can offer customized spice blends for volume orders but it is project specific. Generally, 6000lbs of a seasoning blend is an indication of minimum run requirements. As to packaging options, we are focused in bulk packaging, low bulk density items are 20-25lbs and higher bulk density items range from 40-55lbs.  The size of the container you receive your goods in, is the most ideal packaging size to ensure the safe transportation of the goods from origin to your dock door. 

The lead times and minimum order quantities for bulk spice orders may vary depending on the specific spices and quantities required. If the goods are in stock, your lead times can be as short as 1 business day to ship.  HUDSON® strives to accommodate our customers’ needs, and we can provide detailed information regarding lead times and minimum order quantities upon inquiry.

HUDSON® primarily operates as a spice importer, focusing on sourcing spices from reputable suppliers worldwide.  However, we also have the capability to produce our own spices and spice blends, ensuring consistent quality and flavor profiles.