HTG NOTICE 7/28/2015:

In response to recent inquiries, please let this posting serve as notification that Hudson Trading Group (HTG) is NOT involved nor implicated in any way in the ongoing retail supermarket recall as of 7/28/2015 for Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Garlic or Bac’n Buds. HTG was not involved in the sale, distribution, manufacture or importation of any of the subject referenced items which were recalled, nor has HTG been notified by the FDA, other agency, customer, laboratory or entity that any of material it has procured, sold, distributed, manufactured or imported has been implicated or (suspected to have been) involved in same.

As a further precaution, we have also tested all lots of dehydrated garlic, black pepper and cinnamon (we do NOT import, sell or trade Bac’n Buds) and all our material has registered a negative salmonella result.

For more information related to this or any other recall, please go to: