Food industry warns Gove on Brexit ‘crisis’

By BBC News – February 11, 2019

The UK food industry has threatened to stop co-operating with government policy consultations, saying it is busy trying to stave off the “catastrophic impact” of a no-deal Brexit.

The warning came in a letter to Environment Secretary Michael Gove from more than 30 business leaders.

They said it looked “ever […]

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Europe’s Most Important River Is Running Dry

By William Wilkes, Vanessa Dezem, and Brian Parkin – January 17, 2019

The Rhine waterway, critical to moving coal, car parts, food and thousands of other goods, risks becoming impassable because of climate change.

Kevin Kilps’s car ferry churns the waters of Germany’s Rhine river as he steers toward the bank opposite Kaub, a scenic village […]

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Why the world is becoming more allergic to food

By Dr Alexandra Santos – Dec 3, 2018

Around the world, children are far more likely than ever before to develop food allergies.

Recent inquiries into the deaths of two British teenagers after eating sesame and peanut highlighted the sometimes tragic consequences. In August, a six-year-old girl in Western Australia died as the result of a […]

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Manufacturers warned as Vietnam government raises food safety violation fines by 350%

By Pearly Neo – Sept 25, 2018

The Vietnamese government has passed a ruling approving a 350% raise in penalties for food safety violations.

The new decree dictates that violators of food safety regulations will be fined up to US$ 5,840 (VND 200m), or seven times the value of goods. It will commence on October 20.

This […]

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Will organic revolution boost farming in India?

By Yogita Limaye – Sept, 24 2018

In 2016, Sikkim, a small state in India’s northeast, was declared the country’s first fully organic state. Since then, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has been trying to promote chemical-free farming across the country.

It’s been nearly half a century since the “Green Revolution” introduced modern farming techniques that […]

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French spice control finds issues with half of samples

By Joseph James Whitworth – June 25, 2017

A control by French authorities in the spices industry has found issues with half of samples.

La Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes (DGCCRF) said findings shows the spice market is strongly impacted by fraudulent practices that undermine quality of […]

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Raw waste water use on farms is ‘50% higher’ than estimated

By Matt McGrath – July 5, 2017

The global use of untreated waste water from cities to irrigate crops is much more widespread than previously estimated, says a new report.

According to this updated assessment, nearly 30 million hectares are now using untreated water within 40km of an urban centre.

Some 800 million people, including farmers, vendors […]

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‘Gluten free water’ and other absurd labelling trends

By Brandon McFadden – January 27, 2018

The food labelling craze coupled with banner headlines about the dangers of gluten, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and hormones are leading to increasingly absurd results.

For example, you can now buy “premium” water that’s not only free of GMOs and gluten but certified kosher and organic. Never mind that […]

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FDA now wants responses to foreign facility inspection requests within 24 hours

By Hank Schultz – December 20, 2017

Foreign food facilities run the risk of ending up on import alert if they don’t take note of a change in policy in a recent guidance from the US Food and Drug Administration.

The guidance is titled “Refusal of Inspection by a Foreign Food Establishment or Foreign Government.”​​ It […]

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40% of oregano tested was adulterated

By Joseph James Whitworth – October 19, 2017

Four out of 10 oregano samples contained other plant material, according to testing from a Danish consumer watchdog.

The amount of adulteration was so large that it is unlikely to be accidental contamination, said Forbrugerrådet Tænk.

In three of the products only about 50% of oregano was present and […]

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