FDA’s inspection hiatus provides opportunity for industry to prove self regulation is real

By Hank Schultz – March 20, 2020

With FDA receding into the inspection background, now is the time for the dietary supplement industry to step up and show if there are any real teeth in the notion of self regulation.

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COVID-19: Packaged food & beverage brands enjoy surging sales, but mass unemployment could change the landscape rapidly

By Elaine Watson – March 19, 2020

Should prolonged social distancing measures generate mass unemployment, premium priced natural and organic products will likely not be top of most people’s shopping lists, while private label sales will likely rise, although packaged foods will continue to benefit overall as consumers stop eating out, predicted firms FoodNavigator-USA spoke […]

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Coronavirus: no evidence that food is a source or transmission route


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Latest Updates from Federal Government on Covid-19

Please see below summary of FDA’s position from the 2/24 press release.

“While we are not able to conduct inspections in China right now, this is not hindering our efforts to monitor medical products and food safety. We…continue monitoring the global drug supply chain by prioritizing risk-based inspections in other parts of the world. […]

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Coronavirus Update: FDA steps to ensure quality of foreign products

By Commissioner of Food and Drugs – Food and Drug Administration
Stephen M. Hahn M.D., Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs – Office of Regulatory Affairs
Judith A. McMeekin Pharm.D. – February 24, 2020

Recently, we provided an update on FDA-wide activities we are engaged in related to the novel coronavirus outbreak: COVID-19. We continue to take […]

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Pipeline Protests Cause Widespread Travel Delays Across Canada

A small protest in Ontario supporting an Indigenous effort to block a pipeline thousands of miles away has created large-scale disruption in Canada.

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Garlic prices jump in Indonesia amid fears of halt in shipments from China due to coronavirus outbreak

Garlic is among the many commodities that have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak in China as it accounts for about 80 per cent of the world’s supply. Garlic prices in the Indonesian capital have increased by nearly 70 per cent in the past one week amid concerns of a halt in shipments because of the virus outbreak.

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Association of Food Industries: Memorandum of Understanding – Re: The sale of “spent” spices

The sale of “spent” spices – repurposed waste biomass used in the extraction process – is a significant and growing concern throughout the spice industry.

We have joined the growing list of companies to agree to NOT knowingly export, import, distribute, manufacture, blend, pack, trade, broker or endorse, in any capacity, the sale of spent […]

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Consumption of chilli pepper may increase physical activity and reduce fat in older adults – Japan study

By Guan Yu Lim – January 29, 2020

Capsinoids from non-pungent chilli peppers have been reported to increase physical activity (PA), reduce body fat mass, and promote metabolism in older Japanese adults.


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Locusts: UN calls for international help in East Africa


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