Hudson’s Inspiration

The George Washington Bridge carries nearly 100,000,000 people and products (‘the ingredients’) every year, from all over to their destination (‘the customer’). The immense, daily pounding of its steel-framed decks by auto and trucks (‘the demand’) are intense; it is the most heavily traveled bridge in the world. The G.W. bears some of the harshest seasonal elements (‘ the volatility’) Mother Nature can offer. The G.W. has its best and worst times to cross (‘the price inflection points’),with bottlenecks from construction and accidents (‘the supply shortages and process delays’) and just sheer volume during rush hours (‘the harvest buying seasons’). The G.W. carries a burdensome toll to cross (‘the price for quality and safety’), as drivers patiently search (‘the market shopping’) for the open road (‘the on-time, well-priced, conforming delivery’).

The G.W. is truly the People’s bridge, no matter how complex a day is, it stands firmly in its effort to get people and products safely to their destination.

We look forward to you using the Hudson Trading Group bridge real soon.



Justin Nadi

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